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Jamestown Harmony Express


Chartered, September 5, 1986

Celebrating 35+ Years


2021 Music Leadership

  Music Director: David Lewis

       Dave King              Dan McLaughlin          Thomas Galbraith
   Assistant Director         Coach & Assistant Director          Assistant Director 

2020 Board of Directors

President: George Jarrell

 I. Past President: Jim Eldridge

Secretary: Thomas Galbraith

Treasurer: Art Osterdahl

Membership VP: Vince Joy

  Program VP & Uniform Ch.: David King

  Music VP: Jim Witherington
Music Team Members
Dave King, David Lewis, Jim Eldridge, Jordan Smith, George Jarrell

Public Relations VP: Vacant
  • Board Members at Large:

  Harry Forbes                    Gary Larson                     Norm Merrill    

 Honorary Board Member

Thomas (Tom) Galbato

A glance back.... but looking forward

The Jamestown NY Chapter was a dream that became a reality.  Barbershoppers George Jarrell from Chautauqua NY, Dan Seaman from Lakewood NY and Skip Berenguer from Jamestown NY, all members of the Warren PA Chapter, felt a real interest for barbershopping from men in the Jamestown NY and surrounding area.  The three men formed a steering committee with George Jarrell as President, Dan Seaman as Music Director and Skip Berenguer as Secretary/Treasurer.  They were supported by another loyal barbershopper, Frank Snyder from Mayville NY. 

After several months of one on one recruiting and a barbershop show held in the Palace Civic Center, the new group licensed on March 21, 1986 with thirty four barbershoppers.  During that summer, the new group continued to recruit and on September 5, 1986 a charter was presented to 71 proud barbershoppers. 

Since then they have had memberships over one hundred with a current total of twenty five.  Some of these members sing in quartets while maintaining their position in the performing chorus, the Jamestown Harmony Express.  A special element of the chapter is the JHE Auxiliary.  Our special ladies continue to do much to help and inspire the chorus and the chapter.

The chapter chorus and quartets continue to promote the unique 4-part barbershop harmony in Jamestown NY and the community by performing for nursing homes, hospitals, churches, festivals, fairs, parades and other private events.  The chorus competes every year on the Seneca Land District Stage.  

The Jamestown Harmony Express Chorus has performed in many venues outside the local area including The Welk Resort in Branson MO., Buckeye Invitational - Columbus Ohio, New Years Day Parade - London England, Chautauqua Amphitheater, Chautauqua NY and most recently in June 2013 to Washington DC and Gettysburg PA as part of the 150th Commemoration of the American Civil War and has just received an invitation to perform in the 2019 National Festival of the States in Washington, DC Commemorating the 75th Anniversary of D-Day.

The chapter has been very fortunate to have had great musical leadership starting with Dan Seaman; Jeff Mahan; Skip Berenguer; David Lewis; Brett Heintzman; David King; Dan McLaughlin, Jamie Bell and the return of our current music director, David Lewis .  The talent of these men, with other leaders and members, have made the Jamestown Harmony Express what it is today.

Our past has been wonderful, but the future holds new and even more exciting opportunities for those wishing to join our musical journey!    .......Start your journey now and help us continue the music by clicking> info@HarmonyExpress.com

To be continued:


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